The team building events are designed to boost the team work mentality in employees so that they can work as a group for the development of the company. These events improve co-ordination and communication amongst the employees and give them a nice way to relax and enjoy their day. There are different types of team building events in order to suit with the specific requirements of corporates; you can pick an indoor or an outdoor event for your team or opting for an active event can also make a lovely choice. Here is a glimpse of some of these interesting events.

Seglympics: The event involves a range of team based challenges using the Segway Transporter. Obstacles are created on the ground, and the players are trained with the unique Segway vehicle. The game is played in teams that are put through a number of competitive challenges.

Active: This is one of the most flexible and versatile team building events. Here, the activities are customised according to the specific needs of the corporate. It includes carefully picked team based problem solving activities. This can be a fantastic way to improve interaction, communication, leadership and other aspects of teamwork.

BBQ Master Chef: This is a fun filled activity that improves majorly on the teamwork skills. Making BBQs in teams with the help of all the cooking utensils and oven improves co-ordination and communication within the group and can act as a fantastic stress buster.

Cocktail making: This is another enjoyable and light event that can be highly suitable for enterprises with work strength of varying ages. The activity does not require physical straining and can be enjoyed by people of every age.

Cycle factory: Creation gives a different level of satisfaction, and the cycle factory event brings out this creative self of your employees. Here, the teams are provided with different parts and small tools, and they are encouraged to give the final shape to the cycles working as a team.